Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some sketches I did recently


zeropointfive said...

very nice dom :)

elektra's legs look a little funny tho, not sure if it's the choice of position or the proportion itself.

Have to say second sketch (wonder woman)is my favourite. Tho not sure abt the flesh under her thigh on her right leg. bit thick? Great work on the face and hair!

Has that Alex Ross conceptual feel. Me like! :)

sei-ji rakugaki said...

Not a big fan of these sketches, especially the superman picture. It looked too stiff and "wimpy" in terms of the form.
I think can go all the way out with the shading so ther is more values to bring out the form . The thing of doing realistic kinda style is that the form need to be really "rock-solid" , I feel and there is nothing left to chances.;)

dominique said...

Thanks for the comments guys!

yeah zero, I find I need more practice with the legs. I also have the tendency to make them too long.

Sei-ji, "Superman looks wimpy!" hahaha ok I guess that's not his most impressive of poses. Didn't go too far with the shading cos... I was lazy!

drewscape said...

I think they are nice drawings. I do think the poses could be more fluid. Like in the curve of the spine. Need to work on a more organic feel i'd say.

Don Low said...

Nice sketches!!!

Bella said...

dont be afraid to pull pose and even body proportions to your liking.. hehe, like yeah, the superman could do with more beef bits, and a more "swooshed" pose in his action. but i love the pencil lines you have there, clean and becoming of a comic penciller :)