Thursday, August 13, 2009

Be an ECO Hero!

Character design for 4 Eco-heroes. Each of them plays a different role and has an important task – creating awareness and educating the public to fight global warming.

The idea was extended into four comic strips targeted at youth. Every hero is responsible for promoting a different green message. The comic is published in the SECDC monthly newsletter distributed to the community.

#1 Agent Spotless

#2 Captain Recycle

#3 Earth Healer

#4 SuperSaver

An Eco-heroes drawing competition driven by the same objective was organised to encourage the youth to express their creativity with the Eco-heroes. I was very honoured to be invited to conduct a workshop for a youth camp, sharing my knowledge and demonstrating some basic techniques of how to create your own comics.

The comic workshop was fun and an enjoyable experience!

Here are some designs I've developed. My approach was kiddish yet contemporary but eventually the client decided to go for a fairytale look. And I also have to take into consideration that the costumes have to be cost effective when it comes to production.


zeropointfive said...

Quite an effort and a nice set of sequential drawings :)

drewscape said...

well done. the main green character isn't too hot but i understand u have to make it easy for them to draw. Doing the workshop must have been fun. And the stuff the kids produced are pretty fascinating.

sei-ji rakugaki said...

These are great and can tell the effort you put in to get the characters right. Did you have to originate the story too or that was provided by the CDC?

ari said...

nice idea to get the target audience involved from the start. Must be a lot of fun!

ken lee said...

Thanks guys!

the workshop is quite an experience for me! The kids are petty good, they're really having fun doing their comic, but i was not involve with the judging, the CDC managed it.

The story came out by agency, I'm just doing the composition and reduce frames from script. But it's still too pack for me.

ken lee said...

andrew - the main green character was designed by the CDC, I was brief to create the other 3 heroes from there.