Friday, August 28, 2009


brushpen, for a character sheet and practice..
no prizes guessing what fantasy genre/game i am drawing.


dominique said...

I like the line work. Which brush pen did you use for this? haha at first glance I thought it was the huntress from DC comics

zeropointfive said...

You are obsessed with tieflings... and not just that, Tiefling anime sex kittens!

nice brushwork! As an illustration, it's great, very strong outline! If as comic art, it runs into the danger of having too much thick lined illustrations on a single page - makes the page heavy.

drewscape said...

pretty nice. might be cooler if her limbs were longer. looks a bit chubby for now.

Bella said...

dominique: Its one of the pens I showed you that time, you can find it tucked at the back of Kino Orchard's stationery section. I was meaning to do some Cassandra Cain Batgirl art soon lol..

.5: Wah so clever.. I bet you also like Tieflings too. Its a Rakshasan Tiefling actually, thats why shes got a catlike thing going and cat-like hooves.
Yeah its impossible as comic art, thats why it's just a standalone/front character drawing for now.. Its a bad habit of mine sometimes to end up doing the entire linework thickly.

drew: Well i kinda like my girls curvy and very dita von teese leh, you know, exagerrated hourglass!
hehe maybe i'll do another series of brushwork.. the girls will be eating less :) for drewscape.

sei-ji rakugaki said...

nice lines and character. the bird spoilt it though.. it does not look like u put in much thought in it, unlike the character. obese crow? ;)
ps. i wanna borrow ur lamy fountain pen to try!

dominique said...

oh ok.. I bought a couple of the pens you showed me from Popular, been using them:)
You like the Cassandra Cain Batgirl? Heard she's not Batgirl anymore..
haha I'm working on a Batman now..

kuanth said...

interesting line work.

Bella said...

ya man, my bird is just as babat as my tiefling girl - still drawing birds! i'll shop the bird away soon, cuz ill be painting on it soon.
my lamy pen nib is so sway, it doesnt flow properly though.. maybe its the quality of the ink and paper texture. so far the papers the lamy was treated to were abusive and were helping me to smooth the faulty nib a little. might change the ink to Noodler's red soon. dont use Lamy cartriges, they flow like crap.

the pens are dirt cheap but dont last long for me sadly!
her hollow insignia inspired me a little bit and how she came about stuck out from the rest of the characters. she made batgirl badass, but yeah barbara (oracle) is gonna return to the mantle i heard?

kuanth: thanks dude :)