Tuesday, August 04, 2009

the Day of the Yogs, part 02

Thought i just post some environment sketches that i have done with Mr.B for the Yog game since captian badass have started the topic. Ha. :) I was starting to love the concept more when i was told the pitch got killed. Kind of a waste but i guess at least we can still post it here.


drewscape said...

nice backgrounds. but I feel that they could be pushed further to look more special and unique.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

The Boot camp looks very fun!!

Mr.B said...

This sketches from TOREI!

He helped with the sketches, i was concentrating more on the designs of the monsters!

Credits shld go to TOREI :))

sei-ji rakugaki said...

The game would probably be really fun if it was not stillborn, i think. Such a fun idea.

Torei said...

Thxz all.

Drew> I kind of know what you mean being the fact that it's not push further. That's one big area i'm trying to look into recently. I'm actually trying to loosen up myself more, hoping to explore more, but kind of having a hard time because, first i think i think too much? and i think too logical? and systematically? Like, i really like how you, mike, james, and alot of the other guys do nice and lively lines with interesting content that is whismcial and not totally reality bound. So much flow and so much creativity. Sigh. Ha. Still working hard on my creative process and thanks, really apprecaite the comment. :)

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Torei- Actually Drew is also very "logical-bound" ( must confess it drives me nuts! :D ) , you ll know when u work with him. He's very blessed in being able to be totally free when it comes to lines and composition.

We look up to you for your paintings!! Amaze me all the time!! So all u need is too looosen up ( which i thk is not hard since u knw all the hard stuff already ).

That's why we are all her in OIC- we keep our own individuality and views and yet can learn from one another!!