Sunday, December 02, 2007

au revoir - random doodles05

Hey guys, been away for quite some time (got reservist). Im back! Feels great to be back @ work :) Here's some randoms done this weekend. Btw, if u guys do get a pop up clicking the pic, pls let me know how to turn that off. T__T thkss


kuanth said...

i like the right one better but think her outfit needs a bit of details, perhaps some of the lines can be thinner, some thicker. and also the sihoutte of it as well. kinda messy.:)

pins said...

i like this set of doodles.
it has a paul pope feel to it.
the color combi is nice as well
but you might wanna just take note
of lady au revoir's fingers on her left hand.
tt could be better drawn i feel.
cos right now it looks quite distorted.
i like how you drew the rabbit too.
did i mention i like the colors?

cool stuff mr b.