Wednesday, December 26, 2007

wall mural

some time back in november i posted a drawing here that's intended to be painted on the wall, of a burger joint - Relish, located on the second floor of Cluny Court.

this was the drawing, which was drawn with a caligraphy pen, scanned, and traced in Adobe Illustrator (cos i wanted to keep the vector versions):

the owner of the restaurant then got it projected on the wall (around 3.5m in height and 5m in width if i remember correctly) and had some graffiti artist to paint. the owner wanted also, behind the line art, some yellow-orange texture. the result is this:



sei-ji rakugaki said...

i think your nice drawing just got butchered by the looks great by itself. and the orange paint just did a great job of killing it.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Did they consult you on how they wanted to add the colours?

For me - I ll prefer to "own" the whole piece and take it all the way- including execution and planning the colours- so that the original intent is not lost.

Its the same as doing not just a LOGO for a company but making sure I do all the application of the branding to ensure the integrity of the look.

pins said...

hi bro,

i like the original black and white drawing
version 1.0 better.
somehow looks nicer
as i think the orange version one is alil busy.
the orange is nice but i think
it should not have been applied here.
only thing i felt a bit strongly about is the white outline of yr original black lines near the chicken.

but most importantly when are we going there to try out the burgers and see the real wall?
: )

Soul Twister dot com said...

sei-ji, mindflyer and pins,

i didn't like the patchy orange also.

the owner has his opinions and creative direction and only engaged my service to produce a line-art drawing to begin with. this final patchy effect was exactly how he had wanted the wall to look.

my major complaint is the curlies becoming white. i think it's too abrupt and a bit odd. the owner got the artist to do that cos the curlies were drawn like the surrounding furniture (some fences-like partitions) with similar curly structure. and those structures are in white. so i guess that makes sense.

but if i had known that the fences were white, i would have drawn the line-art differently.

as for the orange, there is an orange colour in the decor and branding so i guess the mural fits in in a cohesive manner in the larger scheme of things?

AG said...

if the coloring wasn't that patchy or added a black outline to the white curlies, i think it might have looked a little better.

i loved the original, so cute and funky. the owner has weird taste. :P

sokkuan said...

it's ok, sometimes we have to learn how to put down pride and answer client's brief. we are paid to give them solution they like.

Soul Twister dot com said...

yeah i could have done the curlies in a different manner. actually the orange-ness of it blends with the decor and branding of the restaurant, so it ain't too bad. but the patchy-ness somehow pales in comparision to the black & white version i guess. :)