Tuesday, December 18, 2007

He's grumpy. He's mean. He beats up the gangstas. He's the mouseman. Pen on paper. Colours and textures added in photoshop.

I've finally found out how Ashley Wood (most probably) colours his lines. In photoshop, you add a layer above your b/w line drawing, then set it to "linear dodge" filter. Then colour in that layer. The line colour will change depending on which area you add colour to.


AG said...

woah, f**king ace!! love the colors, love the texture, love the lines, love everything.

great job!!

pins said...

thanks for sharing the great tip DD!
i like the compo for this one.

Mr.B said...

Woah Drew, Thks for da tip! Will try it soon. :DDD

ken lee said...

go mouseman, go! go beat up ta gangsta!! haha... kinda manga idea in western style comic execution!

is this your latest comic?!!
keen to see how mouseman rule the justice!!

sokkuan said...

Mouseman is the man!!! I like his style! cool colour combination!