Wednesday, December 19, 2007

batman bandwagon - joker take 2

heeding drewscape's advise, i did a re-invention of sort, of the joker and his sidekick/girlfriend harley quinn.

this joker is still the same psychopath, but a lot younger, with a bit of marilyn manson and the crow. as for harley quinn... she's still the damsel in the same abusive relationship she cannot get out of. and in this drawing she is high on substance. for harley, i did some research on courtney love. :P


drewscape said...

wa quite hardworking! It does look more interesting. Nice work on the research. I think you concepts can be pretty deep judging from your comics. It's cool!

zxerokool said...

I like the sketchy style applied. The joker is a great character to work on. I think you've chosen to interpret the joker in an interesting way. Cool stuff.