Monday, December 10, 2007


(click on image for a detail view)

Just sketching with 0.18 technical pen.
Combining the weird and acute of different angles to form an unlikely street scene.
(to heck with politically correct perspective!)


AG said...


veh nice the lines. + <3

Billy said...

Why does this place look awfully familiar?

*kowtows with ag*

drewscape said...

this is excellent work. like how you used the lines to form the textures in this pieces. also like how you shaded the trees. the neatness and attention to details is great. looking forward to seeing the finished version in the new peranakan museum when it is all put up.

ken lee said...

awesome line work!! like how you put it together! cant wait to see more!

Don Low said...

This looks fantastic!! I really luv the lines and the way the houses were drawn. Wow!!

girlgotdablues said...

Goregous work. ;-)