Saturday, December 15, 2007

A picture of you holding a picture of me

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Road trips and Long Walks
Heels blistered and healed
A suitcase full of broken bowls
The prying eye gathers dust
Hand holding an empty cup
While the other a broken compass
In my back pocket
A picture of you holding a picture of me

: A quick sketch,...pardon the obscurity :


drewscape said...

hmm i'd say this isnt one of your hottest works this time. the lines don't look very confident and the hatching isnt really placed in places where it brings out the shape of the figure well enough. i might go for more delicate smaller hatching for a small drawing like this instead. study for good examples of hatching/shading. And try to make the picture convey more of the message rather than having to explain it with many words.

OneTwoDelta said...

Thanks for the honest comments and hints. Appreciate it a lot. Cheers.

drewscape said...

welcome. keep at it. it will get better. :)