Monday, December 10, 2007

I almost never draw superheroes. But with so many drawing style versions of batman around, I decided to draw my own version. It's a more snarly version. It's closer to the Paul Pope's batman year 100 one. Snarly versions are more fun to draw. Pen on paper. Colours and halftone added in photoshop.


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Wow!!! Food again huh? Wen?!

Wht have u been eating??!!

Damn trip out lines!!! Nice RECKLESS kung fu energised lines!!!
I want to see u draw in this style "LIVE"!!!


fadedcrimson said...

I love this Batman more than any other Batman art out there!

( I initially typed 'Bartman'. and now I'm thinking of Simpsons family meets The Incredibles....)

Very quirky; looks like something that would fit in The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy. Tim Burton would approve!

Renjie said...

("We can't stop here, this is Bat Country!")

Wow! cool work Dude.

ken lee said...

haha ha i like this batman too!!

AG said...

he has a hint of the joker and penguin in him.

like in a bionic experiment gone wrong and the mad scientist fused the three of them together and then batman has to somehow wrestle with the two other personalities residing in his body.

and then he goes insane because he couldn't handle the mental stress that comes with dealing with the multiple personalities and then his sidekick robin who was sick of batman hogging all the glory offs him and then becomes the new batman.


i *heart* this batman!!!!!!

pins said...

hello dd,

sorry to sound a lil bit harsh here,
i do not like this batman at all.
the silhuette of the figure looks more like a cat.
it took me a long time to make out the right hand and his fingers wearing the watch because the hand and the fist almost look like 2 pieces.
the left hand and the left boot almost looks like it is blended together as i can only tell when the direction of the lines crossed.
it could be varied by diffn texture or accessories perhaps. it's not very close to pope's version somehow but i do like where you are getting at as this is not the steroid driven batman we see all day which the americans always depict in their super heroes. i like the experimantation of this style.
i know that style forgives everything but somehow as a comic fan i think i wanted to tell you how i feel from a fan point of view. consider me as just an impressionable geeky fanboy.

hope this helps and i would like to see more superhero stuff frm you.
: )

check this out.
cos i feel this might be something you would want to achieve in yr next piece.
something different from the usual macho muscle heroes we see from the states.
a lil gift frm our old master from france moebius.


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

AG- ur digression is soooo funny :D.

Pinz- I think u r taking Andrew's doodle too seriously and looking at it w a "stiff" lens. But then everyone is entitled to their views. I just feel tht Drew's version is just his "warped magic mushroom version" not meant as a normal typical homage to the original.

BTW- i think u r referring to this COOL image is it?

The site u recommend is superb!! Thx

drewscape said...

hahaha interesting responses! Nice story writing AG. good potential in writing warped comic stories. Ya it's not the paul pope version. but it's around that area of the spectrum. Was trying a distorted anatomy and was focusing more on strange shapes. so yes i can see how it cld enrage a fanboy. it is funny tho. an interpretion of an iconic figure does stir interesting responses from different people.

pins said...

here's another one for the road.

andyyang said...

Weeeeen. You have this touch that's really original. Your style is a good reference to speed drawing technique with style. Don't think you need any reference to how other artist intepret Batman. Stay original and be proud of it.

Don Low said...

The sites recommended are superb!! I missed all my Moebius books that I couldn't bring over with me... this site sure will bring back some good memories!! I have been reading and admiring Moebius ever since I started doing comics back in 1991... thanks!!

Andrew - keep going! I wanna see more in this style too!!!

sokkuan said...

i like that few red outlines. it makes the whole color combinations extraordinary! ('u')