Wednesday, December 12, 2007

While there's time

cover done for Karl Maka's first demo

unfolded to poster

While there’s time

Walk with me
Let’s take a walk
To the reservoir
And get reacquainted

Too much
Has gone by
And now I realize
I’ve taken things
For granted

For too long

It hurts to see
What’s happening to you
Is it too late?
Is it too late?

Because time
Isn’t on our side
Its running out
Losing more of you
Every single day
I feel you slipping
Further and further away
Losing more of you
Every single day
I feel you slipping
Further and further away

So walk with me
Let’s take a walk
To the beach today
And have a picnic

Let’s sit and chat
And say what we have
In our hearts
And on our minds

Can I say?
Stay with me just a little longer
Stay with me just a little longer

ummm... hope you guys like it...('u')


AG said...

woooahhhh.... WICKED!!!! super duper psychedelic this is!!!

looks like a tripped out version of what utopia would be like, humans and animals coexisting.. (in the same body?)

i rreeeeeaaaallllllyyyyy like the far left side with the strips of color. and the nasi lemak. hahahahahahaha. :P

were you on something when you drew this btw?

adeline said...

i love it *thumbs up ;-)

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Aiyo- this one done with LOVE one ( All Caps ) Sure no horse run one!!!

:D ;) ;)

Very nice and refreshing- never seen u in this "mode".

dawn t said...

I like it too! Love the line of people/animals running,skipping after each other. Reminds me of midsummernight's dream. haha..

F L E E said...

Phwah....Love is in the air....lalala...
Nice... very nice mix of natural media. All the colours are super vibrant, but somehow they mix very well; not jarring.Very whimsical piece. I believe this piece is done with much love (pun intended). Teeheehee...

EarthIntruder said...


sokkuan said...

um...huhuh... thank you guys! but the printing turned out not that good. maybe in the last stage, i didn't give enough love to the printing machine :-p

btw, ag, i was actually on something when i drew this. it was my chair. keke...cold joke*

Starving Artists said...

wow...i love it...and karl maka! awesome...not only their songs are nice, now theres another reason to get it..:) this suits them perfectly...

ps: the stentorian ep cover art is also pretty interesting, any idea who done it? :)

drewscape said...

it has an overall cheerful feeling. that is what makes it so great for me.

AG said...


(-_-"|||||) so cold i have extra lines. :P

Mr.B said...

This is really really sweet. :D

ken lee said...

two thumbs up!! Awesome!

sokkuan said...

Starving Artists,
ummm... i'm not sure which ep cover art you are mentioning.. :-p

Mr.B and Ken, thank you for your thumbs (up)..keke..