Monday, March 24, 2008

bird of prey

it's been a while.
hope you like.
: )


kuanth said...

you improved a lot.

sokkuan said...

i like your textures. ('u') and the styling of this warrior. keep doing what u like. Slowly, you have developed a style of your own. jia you! ('u')

drewscape said...

yeah you are improving. the textures are so rich here. I'd study the body language more. You can make the warrior express/emote more. eg. make the chest come out. or tilt the head. That way you can tell if he is sad or feeling victorious after a victory. will give an added dimension to your drawings.

Mr.B said...

go go go and dun stop.

ken lee said...

keep it coming!!

pins said...

hi guys,

thanks for all the comments
and encouragement!
will keep pushing.
"wo hui nu li de!"

: )