Sunday, March 30, 2008

Udon Crew SF Tribute Book

Udon Crew's Street Fighter Tribute Book set for SDCC. Here's my entry and process. Hopefully, my entry would be one of the finals in da book. Oh ya, thats Ibuki the highschool girl ninja from Street Fighter 3. Inspired by James Jean's Art. Hope y'all digg!


eeshaun said...

ibuki is one of my favourite characters!

kuanth said...

very nice. now doesn't seems like fully computered work.
but her dress loot a bit funny to me, her knee part looks like a big lump for me.perhaps the right knee can be more defined.

good work. wish i can draw like that.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Nice painting. Thanks for posting the "stages" too- very interesting to see how u tighten and finalize the piece.

1. Agree with Kuanth about the knee.
2. Left feet looks too "distant" or small in proportion? But it kind-of work as it keeps the main figure flow to main leg- nice.
3. Dig u paint in a drop in a wood grain in the last stage for the back ground?

Very nice un-photshop look- I like the whole mood and feel. Thx for posting :)

drewscape said...

ooh i love this new soft texture feel mixed together with the mrb edginess. very nice!

pins said...

hey man,

the bkgrd texture n colors are nice!
and i like the flowers and tree trunk renders.
the tree trunk really got me man!
i like the tint of blue at the bkgrd.
only thing to take note is the knee.

Mr.B said...

Thks guys! Yup, maybe the pants were meant to be real baggy and can't really locate the position of the knee. will be careful next time.

Thks for the comments : )

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