Thursday, March 13, 2008

Illustrations for W&T Wedding and Travel magazine

I wanted to experiment with a style that is different from the usual fashion illustration styles. But keeping in mind the main objective - showcasing the jewellery that would be placed on the "models". And secondly, to allow for a very tight crop. (shown here is the wide crop.) Was struggling to decide if jewellery stood out better on a dark or light background. But in the end decided on a lighter one coz it allowed the models to look more bridal. (it's a bridal magazine). I used black ink on newsprint paper. photographed patterns from a pattern book. Arranged them together in photoshop. Added colours in photoshop using the linear dodge function. The colours actually look better on the real print.


zeropointfive said...

eh very nice! first glance i thought sokkuan did them :D
great, i love them as a series

ken lee said...

fashion andrew in the house! great approach! the blue, the red(chin on the hand) and orange my favorite! the body language are great! added character to the jeweleries too.

the 'white glow' for the other 3 appear too even for me. look a little flat. jus my 2 cents.

kuanth said...

some of the girls look a bit macusline to me, maybe the muscles can soften a bit. some of the faces, can even give it more details like rather than just flat.

just my 2 cents too.

drewscape said...

thanks for the comments guys. Will certainly look into those pointers for the next fashion illustration i work on.