Tuesday, March 04, 2008


K: Hello I'm Kristal. Ok, You.

A: I'm Adeline. We work in the same office during the day.

.. u guys are colleagues... So you're not full-time illustrators?

K: (who is this imaginary person asking questions?)

A: I think for now would like to have some breathing space between drawing jobs. At the end of the day I want to go home looking forward to drawing things i like, not dreading the thought of picking up the pencil to do changes. I'm just afraid that might happen if i go into it full-time....

K: Yeah, drawing makes you really happy... so it would suck BIG TIME if id hate to pick up the pencil. plus theres so many things u wanna do just for yourself, if u always have to draw something for work, its such a drag, to me la. Oh and i guess because with this attitude we'd be broke. (imaginary person that asks questions makes me uneasy. *suspicious*)

When did you get interested in drawing?

K: Honestly, don't remember when, just something that a kid does. and lol i've got the peter pan complex.

A: Started drawing on my ladybird storybooks. I used a pen because i thought using a pen was very adult.

K: or like.. getting caned for drawing nonsense on walls and cupboards, Haha, ok then what's the most awesome thing about DRAWING, to YOuUuU?

A: Is not so good at talking, or writing, or singing so i express myself this way.

K: ok! **AGREES!** but i do think you play the invisible piano exceptionally well.

A: Why thank you. We should make a band sometime. I like the sound of your whistle.
you whistle like a bird

K: =/

Show and tell us about your first published work.

A: ZoukOut 12 hr party peoples--- Timeout Mag. about the 5 stereotypes of people who attend zoukout: (left to right) the sponsor, the angmoh tourist, the seasoned clubber, the poser and the chunky beach hunk. They wanted it to be done in a certain style, like nicole kenney. It was the best experience i had so far, maybe what you call beginner's luck. It was Kris who intro-ed this job to me ;-)

K: Coz ure drawings, i think were PERFECT for it. =)
ok.... this one :
..for all the Pretty Boys.. done for Arena Magazine Singapore. Deadlines can get kookoo, but things always run smoother when u like the subject matter. haha. Arena was really open to whatever stuff i had in mind. So the only issue (as usual) was: time. After reading the articles, if , we'd discuss a little before i did the drawings. But mostly they just let me be, kinda lucky, me thinks. next!

A: oh, oh, i admire you so. Could you show me your oldest personal drawing so i can print out and stick on my wall?

This is not the oldest, but its quite old la hor? Adeline, meet Poppy Seed.

ooook! We must exchange. Gimme yours NAO!

A: Hi meet the photo of random dodgy squirrel.
Couldn't find the original anymore. must have thrown it away because he's so ugly. ARGCK.

K: BISH me lieks. Dats one Sessie Squirrel.
OK SO BESIDES ME?!! Who do u love and admire, and why?

A: David Shrigley(http://www.davidshrigley.com)

K: (OH YAS. It all makes sense now.)

A: Is in love with his work because he manages to inject such personality into something so simple. You, who's your one true love, Kris?

K: Loves Paulie Popie. He's dead seksie. www.pulphope.blogspot.com

What's your favourite drawing tool and style(s) for now?

K: Sentimental for sentimentality's sake;
fav thing to use would be : brush & plain pencil.

Stuff like this... I had this sad looking puppy once :

and this....
The Very Thing That Happens :
ok!! u pasang nao.

A: Here's yellow. He thinks he's clever:

and some girls. Yellow likes girls with bangs:

K: Hey looks like you, ok nao pick your favouritest shape.

A: THERE! ( yea i like girls with bangs too...)


A: Oh, nice. I might have just invented your favourite shape, lol.

K: Wo. we are our favouritest shapes. kuakua

A: So Kris, you made it into Grafuck 3!
How's L.A like?

How's the opening night like?
Did the gallery take all your money?

Made any famous friends?

Yes Naice, lots of alco.
but it was frreaking cold.

Agreement is to half/half...SHARE MUNNIES.

& ya, they signs my copy of grafuck 3. I signzzz theirs tooooo! AWSUM! Very naice people who are super friendly to a nobody like me.

Would've been awsumer if all my lovelies were there *waves like star on tv at invisible camera*

A: Awwwwwwwww.

K: Ok serious : It was damn cool meeting all these different people. Was so bloody nervous..but the guys at Gallery Nucleus were really warm and did i say super nice already? When I was getting the prints ready, i had no idea what to do. Lucky me, they were patient and didn't kick me out for asking a lot of questions. Asking questions is good. Got the prints framed..sent them over.. the gallery took care of everything else. I think i was more stoked taking pics of Audrey Kawasaki's work , getting the other artists to sign my copy..and picking out stuff to buy in the store. Hahahaha



Show us your desk:





fadedcrimson said...

....TIS INTERVIEW IS TOTAL AWSUMSAUCE. XD thanks for injecting some humor to my very dreary week.

Kris made it to Grafuck 3? Wowwwww. *I need to get your sayyyhhhnachehhh ( signature )And cool drawings! I love love love the one you did for Arena mag. :D And the girl with the bangs. And the dog, and the comic strip! ( translation: all of them).

Adeline: I love the 'dodgy' squirrel...thought that was an otter.....and looks like it was prototype ancestor of Yellow! XD Maybe the yellow-colored gene is recessive in nature so every generation gets more yellowy and smaller...Darwinian law and all. The smallest...survives.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

waaaaaaah ..... what were u 2 smoking when u doing eah other ... I mean interview.... LOL.

But hor.... Adeline
drawing with pen adult meh??!!
Drawing porn is !! kekekekek
(I haven't got over the drawing cars and spaceships part hiazz... )

Kris ..... thx for sharing abot Grafuck.....
Pls share more in future :D ( and nt hide one corner relax leh )

The paul pope link not working

and hor......
The desk top/ work pictures are not revealing enuf!! Adeline- we want to see the desk tht is in your room- the one with the unpredictable collapsing shelf!!

It was a refreshing fun read. Thx gals :)

kuanth said...

that's totally what i felt and how i started 7 years back.

A: I think for now would like to have some breathing space between drawing jobs. At the end of the day I want to go home looking forward to drawing things i like, not dreading the thought of picking up the pencil to do changes. I'm just afraid that might happen if i go into it full-time....

drewscape said...

thanks for your time writing this up. Both your art works are very likeable. I like the ugly squirrel. It has character in its ugly state. I like kristal's comic too. Can see a bit of paul pope's influence. I like paul pope too. U have his pulphope book? it's good.

Mr.B said...

Yea! Really fun interview! Was hoping to see more on the space u guys work on. But hell yea, paul pope!

krissie said...

yeah i do. i put it under my pillow at night. (pulphope book)

adeline said...

hey thnx all for nice words.

esp kuanth: its nice to know someone else understands too :-)

now you all maek me regret throwing the friggin squirrel away.lol