Saturday, March 22, 2008


Spring. Done in photoshop. Hope y'all digg.


kuanth said...

this is so nice. i guess this is what we called "another level"

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Damn !!! the colours and mood is so NICE!!! ( all caps :D )

This is not all Left hand right?? kekekeke

But I feel the way the head being "too aligned" to the right hand and leg is a little itsy awkward.

Jus my 2 cts :)

drewscape said...

yeah it's another level. like the painterly look. and all in photoshop! the the girl is calling out your name mr b.

Mr.B said...

kuanth - thks man, but i no where "another level" i juz took when u told me abt my stuff, tried to make it look like its done traditionally.

mind - THKS MAN! not left la. yea i was thinking of the arm half way thru painting but i tot of remaining true to da sketch. thats y never change...___.

drew - thks man, if only the girl was a real life one...