Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Experimental explosion

Hi guys, after the past one and half months of illustrating mainly products I decided to do something with a little more 'kick".
(I have no idea what could have caused such a huge explosion though..)


drewscape said...

Cool, you created the plane from scratch? Yeah it's a nice change. I think it's a nicely done picture. My only critique would be that it could look like a generic fighter jet game pic. It might help to find fresher angles of the jet. Maybe even a distorted lens perspective. If you squint your eyes and look at the pic, the tones of the jet blends in with the background tones. So i'd make the jet much darker or black.

dominique said...

thanks man. yeah I created the plane (had some references though). Black might be cool, I'll try that. My problem now is also figuring out what kind of enemy fire could have caused such a huge explosion, I'm using the B-2 Spirit for now.

drewscape said...

hahaha. thats funny. Think most ppl wont read that deeply into it. But if you change everything to sci-fi fighters, everything would make sense!