Sunday, March 16, 2008

fairy tale

A personal project. The story pop out in pieces while doing the painting. Put it together afterward. My 1st acrylic paint after a very long while. Still love the traditional way! It was fun!

Wave of Love
Acrylic on canvas 24" x 24"

There is a legend in a fisherman village–a mystical love story of a
little angel and an octopus.

The little angel lived high up above the heavenly sky and the octopus lived deep down under the hazardous sea. Fortuitously, they fell deeply in love. They had to go through great sacrifices and called on all their courage just to be together as the distance between them was an indomitable obstacle. After fighting the merciless waves and relentless winds, the laborious journey broke the curse. Their dream was realized and they lived happily ever after...

One day, a fisherman encountered a storm in the middle of the ocean. The vigorous wind tried to capsize his boat as the death god waited hungrily to hook his soul. At that spur of the moment, a flare of cyan light shone on the unusual purple wave and pierced through the ruthless sea. That blinding glare swept the nightmare away and a calm sea was revived.

This incident reminded the villagers of their childhood story.
That it was the goodwill of the little angel and octopus that saved the fisherman's life. He was indeed blessed to have witnessed the miracle.

People believe that the little angel and octopus will bring light to disasters when their hearts meet. This magical moment has been a legend since and it is named the "Wave of Love".

story by ken and edited by cyanwater

Some work in progress. Here.


drewscape said...

cool! it's interesting that you drew the ornate frame too. It's a simple composition but it has charm. My only wonder is if it would look better if the lines around the octopus shld be neater. Or shld you not have lines at all. But it's a nice piece esp with a story attached. Shld do more collaborations like that.

enterblackhole said...

nice color theme!!

ken lee said...

drewscape, you are right! think it shouldn't have lines at all. shall make use of the color to shaping it out instead of lines. thanks for the comment! appreciate it!

thanks enterblackhole too!:)