Sunday, May 10, 2009

Animation for coke impossible video contest

An animation I did for a coke contest here.

The theme is coke zero-impossible is possible.

Vote for it if you like it .


Christine Lim Simpson said...

wow! this is so cool! you have my vote!

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Voted for your video via ... but your video doesn't seem to be working there. Please check.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Cool Seiji!!

I feel the "transforming" bit was the coolest bit and is a tad short. Its like a teaser- nt overboard enuf- the climax needs more fireworks!

I have problem viewing the video on the contest site too both on Firefox and Safari.
And i need a Stomp account in order to vote???

cherie the mrrr said...

i really like the movement on this one, and i love the sketchiness, its a fresh direction away from coke's vector ads of late.

the take-out is eccentric frivolity - think thats spot on for the brand.

it'd look great in color, methinks!

moodytwoshoes said...

It's very cool, and I see some of the characters that you have created before on it :) eh, do I have to be a stomp member? v different concept from the other entries!...but I had difficulty viewing as well :(

sei-ji rakugaki said...

tks all for comments!
Christine> tks for pointing it out. I have emailed their webmaster to check the video and why it is not working
Mindflyer>>the requirement is 30 sec duraration or less so cannot be too long, but think i know what u meant by the climax part. just not sure if it should be too drama
Cherie>>tks, and i guess because i am doing straight ahead animation, in comparison to vector or pose to pose animation , hence it looked fun and i really enjoy animating it too
>.tks san san and not sure of the stomp member part and good eyes! i think some of the stuff are things i draw before too

Dawn Tan said...

nice! I like the whole sketchy feel of it : )

drewscape said...

nicely done! yes only the last part loses a bit of steam. but it's fun to watch.

girlgotdablues said...

Pretty brilliant!

Mr.B said...

Very Nice....they should pay u big bucks for this...great energy