Wednesday, May 20, 2009

OIC etiquette

Hi, we hope that people who post their work here will also take some time to look at other posts and give some constructive feedback. This is a community blog. Help spread the good vibes.


moodytwoshoes said...

Constructive comments make each post more meaningful - and the encouragement received does make a difference. Yessir, Mike - I'll leave more comments, and let's spread the good vibes!:)

fei said...


zeropointfive said...

Hear, hear! I second that! :D
showing off to each other is fun heh but helping each other is even more meaningful!

sei-ji rakugaki said...

ya, i agree on that, look at mindflyer, keep posting here and asking people to give comments etc blah blah. we should also try to be critical constructively and help to motivate each other etc.......i think everyone better do as he suggested or he will send his bouncer -drewscape on you!.As everyone knows, drewscape just got out of prison recently for some despicable lowlife act...(look at his new botak hair style).;)sorry , was kidding on all that, except that what mindflyer said is true. It's good to be encouraging as well as give some constructive criticism.and i am guilty of not giving more comments too, unfortunately. will listen to the chairman

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Seiji's comments about Drew- ROTFL !! :D

and to add to the topic .......
What I can't stand is people who just post and don't even acknowledge or reply comments!! Waste our time siah??!! SO people - u can see with your eyes- u know who is deserving of your time and constructive comments.

zeropointfive said...

Ya Thanks for bringing it up Mike. For awhile, i was afraid that it reflected the interests of the majority where SOME styles of illustration get comments while others don't. If we are to call this "Organisation of Illustrators", then we should be open to all forms of illustrations and not fall into the trap of a "house style".

But you know, sometimes people don't have a reaction to certain posts so they don't comment, that's fair enough. It's just that when it happens every time, then yea something's not right there.

Christine Lim Simpson said...

You talking about me! ;)
The problem is I don't really know how to comment. Everyone's work here is so unique and cool. Some of your works make my jaw drops. I am still a novice at illustration and feel that I am not fit to critique.

Sorry I haven't post any work here lately. This is due to the fact that I have to keep the work I am currently working on confidential ... publisher's and author's agreement that I must oblige until the book is printed and released. I also haven't had time to produce any personal pieces or participate in OIC's activities which I really want to. I hope you can understand.

Give me some time and I will come back with some useful info.

You all rock! Thank you for sharing.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Balancing being a wife, mother of 2 kids and an illustrator- is a tall order. I knw you will chip when when u hv some spare time.

Looking forward to meeting u if u do drop by our gigs sometime :)


Nobody will have something to say for everything posted. But I believe some are not even trying.

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Thank you for your understanding Mike. I am constantly battling between art, career, kids, housework, personal goals ... it is a lot for me.

I so desperately want to create more art pieces to share here but 18 hours a day is not enough. I drool over how much you guys have completed. I see the bonding you guys have for each other and wish I too can experience it too.

Will do my best to post my two cent worth whenever I get the opportunity to.

Thanks again for doing so much for the community. :)

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

If not for Drewscape and Fleecircus and the rest of the active participants, crew/ helpers- OIC will be just a blog with the usual same few people posting/ commenting.

Hoping to take it to the next level :).
Need more people to do their share unselfishly like some of the worthy examples we are enjoying now.

ken lee said...

Thanks for the reminder, Mike. Not really good in giving comment but will try.

And salute to Christine aka mom, aka wife, aka artist!

Amanda said...

oops... Feeling guilty here. Haven't been to visit OIC for a long time due to commitments. I agree with Zeropointfive, we should be open to all styles as I notice there seems to be a preference for some styles more than others. Cheers to all! :)

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Hi Amanda/ Zeropoint5, Can u clarify "preference for some styles more than others"??
How was that apparent?

Is it the minority have fewer posts? Fewer proponents of such style?

Or is it because of the background? I think most of us are from Graphic Design / Advertising and the 2nd big group is from Interactive.

zeropointfive said...

Hi Mike,

It's hard to pin down everything related to this but i can name a few examples. Pins doesn't get as much attention on his posts. His work is raw but shows improvement and i feel he needs more constructive comments. This could be due to the superhero genre being an unpopular genre in this blog cuz i have posted superhero work before which didn't get as much attention as say, illustrations in the more graphic or traditional medium.

And for the love of God, i don't know why Cherie's posts lately don't get any encouragement cuz they are so frikkin' good!!! :)

I'm not saying they don't get comments. They do, but it's strange that they don't get as much attention. And at the same time, some illustration which are more photography-based than illustration get more comments. The only reason i can think of is as you have said - most here are from a graphic design background and respond to graphic design.

If there's anything i've said that is inaccurate, pls correct me cuz i don't want to get this wrong!!!

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Thanks Zero :)

Pins have been getting attention and comments but my guess is people expect more from him.

I beg to defer on Cherie- I think alot of people adore her work ( I am one of them). But I am trying not to just post " Its Nice!, I like it."

I think more backgr info helps in one' s post so tht its not just anther - " Its Nice!, I like it" kind of post.

1. Wht is one trying to achieve
2. Techniques / observation
3. Share wht one has learnt.

Her recent feedback, tips on "Multiply" is good

Amanda said...

I guess my feel is the same as Zero... Illustration covers quite a lot of genre but it feels like some styles emerge more, get more raves or maybe they just post more. in any case, this is still a great site. :) no offense to my comments.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Amanda- no offense at all :)
gd tht u voice out.

As am artist- u shldnt be too bothered about genre.

Most impt is u hv fun doing ur kind of art and we all learn to appreciate one anther's uniqueness and do our part to make the good vibes felt.

pins said...

whoa ho ho ho.
thanks for all the love and attention my brothers and sisters.
urmmm yes paiseh for not living up to the expectations.
work and classes been taking most of my times and SAF has been calling me up for ICT and RT.
past half a year saturdays has been 3D modelling classes for me so MIA OIC portrait days on saturdays for half year liaoz. so sorry.

i'll draw and paint more! roar!!! (and ict and rt and classes are gonna b over soon...but ipt coming...)

oh and sorry if i seldom comment cos i urmmm not too goot with werds and england not too good.
if i see something i love i sure will say one. if something i dont understand usually i is quiet.

variety of styles is good!
and i've been checking out some great painters who paint flowers real well so i'll do a couple of studies. hopefully post em to break away from the super hero genre.

cheerios me illustrations hommies!

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Hi Pins,
You need not have to break away from your superheroes genre if it is your favourite ... many great artists do what they love most and not really what others want to see ... be true to your art!
Keep up the good work ... :)

It takes time to acquire taste for certain things ... I am learning as I go along.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Understd ur busy schedule. No probs.

Don't b too ambitious. Do the simple things, focus and do it very well.

Don Low said...

I do welcome any comments if I post something. If they are constructive I take it as a bonus. But above all, i will do my best in responding to other posts as time permits!

Thanks. I love this community!