Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hi! It's been a while since I joined OIC. This is my first post.
I've always loved illustration and creative collaboration between artists. I am overjoyed to discover that there is a local community for the illustrators. Not to mention be part of it.
The above illustration is one I've done for Asian Geographic Magazine on a hip-hop article.

Thanks guys for keeping this blog going!


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Hi Annie,
Welcome to OIC :), do join us at MAAD or other gatherings when u can.

About the hiphop piece (I am just commenting based on wht I see & not the context of the article.)
While the composition and certain elements are dynamic and interesting, you have to be more careful about the BLACK forms. There is 2 much overlaying of black upon black and you are losing alot of needed interplay and clear juxtaposition of elements.

thx for posting hope to see more :)

zeropointfive said...

yea i feel the black contrast figures need to be more defined. the one right on top is great tho. right now it's slightly blobby and also takes away from the other nice details like the colour bits, just a little more definition in the figures would help.

but overall i feel it's still a good piece :)

welcome to OIC!

drewscape said...

yo yo. it looks pretty good. just the bottom figure can be a bit clearer. but you got the feel and colours nicely.

Annie Tan said...

Thanks guys for ya comments. I am aware about the flaws in the composition. But it is a pretty rush job :D If given enough time I would have change put up more detail... and the blacks heheh
But anyways thanks!

Don Low said...

Nice layout.