Friday, May 29, 2009


Hello people,
not sure if you guys are interested in letterpress printing at all. But yup, I found this nice little video about three guys and their big love for letterpress printing. I found it heartwarming.

PS: Anywhere in Singapore to do letterpress printing? Haha


drewscape said...

nice. i wish i had a machine like that.

sheryo a. said...

I love letterpress prints, but can't seem to find anyone who's doing it in singapore!

F L E E said...

well i got good news for you guys!
Kin Yiap Press:1008 Toa Payoh Nth #01-01, 318996, Singapore
Tel: 62513833
Ask for Anna the lady boss, but i must warn you, the price is not cheap for name cards its S$1 -3 a piece.
KinYiap is the most experimental printer in Singapore.
They were the ones who pioneered thermal UV ink!

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Eh Flee- I don't think KY is a good choice unless u already establish some business with them already.

I don't think they print cards for just anyone unless u hv a fat budget and hv a reasonable quantity.

They are good.

AG said...


F L E E said...

tats why i said "...but i must warn you, the price is not cheap for name cards its S$1 -3 a piece"there is a price to pay for the "arty-experimental" kind of printer lah. So far they are the only one i know.
But its just a suggestion lor.
Got budget of cos people will willing to do more mah. Logic.

sheryo a. said...

thanks flee for the contact!
will invest when my pockets get fatter! hehe

Don Low said...

Thanks for sharing!!