Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sesame balls

pen and gouache and ink.


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

LOL FOOD again!!
Very funny. I can almost feel how u pen this in 1 big gush non stop. It looks so "spontaneous and "together" !
But ..... penmanship needs work. Almost illegible to my mature eyes :D!

zeropointfive said...

Drew, what i love about little musings like these is that they can't be explained, but they make perfect sense :)

The art is also less dramatic from your "full power" style to better illustrate the content. It is here where the writing exceeds the art (as it should)

I would love to read an entire book of these little comic captures of life!

(Btw i didn't set out to make another gushy gushy praise reply. I just really like it and need to explain it so everyone can really appreciate how subtle the strengths of this comic are. It's a little in the "Lat" genre)

i had no problems with reading it leh ;D

pins said...

i like the simplicity of the story
and it works really well.
i can almost feel the frustration when the sesame balls ran out...

the colors i felt were really nice.
love it.

only thing you might want to take note are the little things such as
the hands of your characters.
i'm not an expert at drawing hands
but if you nail it well they can be really expressive and show how your characters are feeling etc.



AG said...

i think the essence of the comic is in that panel where it said "so I sat in front of the stall, keeping an eye on it"

the way it was narrated makes it very relatable as well. make a zine of these comics!!!

drewscape said...

thanks for the feedback. it was spontaneous as i drew it to warm up in the morning. Thats why comics like these are fun. No planning/editing; just put your thoughts down as it comes and finish just as the space runs out. And the full feeling of what im feeling comes through (hopefully). yes this is a subtle story. and will look into the hand expressions. thanks!