Saturday, July 11, 2009

Don Low's "Finding Solace" - Mini Gallery Show in Disney

Stumbled upon this in Don's facebook page. A gallery show at Disney where he is currently working.
I love this excerpt-

"When I was thinking of a name for this gallery show just 2 weeks ago, I was reminded of the reason why I love to draw. This passion started out when I was little. Seeing that I like to doodle on the wall, my Dad painted a piece of wall with white paint so I could indulge in the activity on a larger scale. Now I don’t draw on walls anymore (my wife is not agreeable!), but I keep several visual journals with me, filling them up with daily sketches and even thoughts. A sketchbook is always great. A non-threatening place to begin to draw. "

Blessed Don (and Drewscape too, with very supportive parents )- we only get scolding for drawing when we were young :D!! Now I complain when my kids don't draw enough :D!!


zeropointfive said...

My Dad would whack the back of my head cuz i doodled at the back of my Math exercise books heh.

Ya, if ya readin' this, your dad is really cool, Don! Most Singaporean parents in our time didn't ever want to encourage or follow up their kids on art! :) Good going on ur gallery show btw! :)

Dude, when's ur solo book coming out???!! I'm waiting for it! :D

Don Low said...

OMG... I did not see this until today! Thanks Mindflyer for posting this up here. It was a little show put up as a inspirational series my ex-boss wanted to do within the company. I didn't expect the turn out. We had wine, cookies, cheese and so forth during the reception. I counted and there were 12 bottles of wine. Only half bottle was left which I took home and got drunk with my wife that evening... heh heh heh.

Anyway, about supportive parents.. I wished my parents are more supportive now. For the past 10 years, they have been asking whether I got a proper job even though i was holding full time jobs as an artist, paid for our house, renovation, gave them allowances, fat ang pows...

As for my book... very soon.... still collecting more art. :P

Torei said...

Hi Don. Will definitely be looking forward to your solo book too man. :) The work showcase in your facebook photo ablum looks real cool. Nice nice. I'm craving for more. Ohohoho. T_T Hee.

drewscape said...

nice, don. i wish i could be there at the exhibition to see your work.

Don Low said...

Thanks!! Me too!!