Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Junk Food Benny

mindflyer added: "msxi" just joined oic. If you have seen the magazine "amelia", you would have seen some of her wonderful work. Nice stuff msxi! :)
This series of illustrations sparked off after I arrived in London. I was appalled by the number of fast-food outlets, cafeterias selling ready meals, take-away joints and supermarkets selling shelves of crisps and chocolates. I wrote a dissertation about Britain's food culture and did a visual project based on my dissertation. My series of illustrations,
Junk Food Benny, represents our modern food culture; the food that we buy and way we eat. The girl is an iconic representation consumerism and indulgence of our modern society. The character demonstrates the eating habits of today’s society. I have chosen to choose a child as an symbolic icon because she reflects on ignorance and naivety. She is also an example of what children in Britain today eats. Using a child in my illustration allows me to use her as a reflection of the culture which older generation has passed down.

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drewscape said...

i admire how you use simple colouring and lines to make it so attractive and fresh. The design of the characters are fresh too.

sei-ji rakugaki said...

I liked the idea and the colors, except for the character. It looked too uncannily like yoshimoto Nara's famous character, except yours is obese version;)
welcome to OIC

zeropointfive said...

i like ur use of colours! pretty unique style too :)

Welcome to OIC!

MSXI said...

thank you all for the warm welcome :)

i hope to be able to share more. need to get my act going !

kuanth said...

really nice! the second pic reminds me of Nara.:)

nice car said...

mxsi! this is fantastic!