Thursday, July 09, 2009

muZz scribbles


sei-ji rakugaki said...

These are great! I love the 3rd image.probably because of the composition.. there is enough "space" for the eye to wander and settle on it, and the pose/expression are great

drewscape said...

i like the 2nd and 3 images. the colours and forms are nice. one question tho: Do gloomy pictures make you happy?

Foo Swee Chin said...

If it means blitheness and joy, then no. It's like why do people like to paint a bowl of fruits. Does it make them happy painting a bowl of fruits. Behind those strokes of feelings one put into a piece of drawing, what was it. The texture, the form, the honesty or fasination etc. The same thing is viewed and felt differently by different individuals.
It would be like asking Van Gogh why he painted those sunflowers (Why I wonder, but he didn't only painted's just that his sunflowers painting was more well known), and why are Beksinki's art so dark. Did their paintings made them happy? Personally I think that it's a rather complicated question, or I just think too much into a simple question. But everyone loves pictures that would bring a smile to their face, a picture they could appreciate and relate to.
Many many people often asked me why I draw such ugly people and pictures, and I found it very difficult to answer them. Some people even think I'm sick.

zeropointfive said...

lol I don't think you're sick! That's a bit too much haha..

I do think you're fixated though :) but then, who isn't? Just that you fall into a minority group heh

ur work has evolved since poly days :) darker and more confident strokes... isn't wacom such a great invention haha..

Don Low said...

Well said FSC!!

I loved all of them. It is always refreshing to see something different and unique!