Friday, July 10, 2009

HP touch the future now @ Vivo

Our animated drawing clip now showing at main entrance facade of Vivocity from 8th July- 12th July 2009. The show will run at VivoCity The Plaza outdoor atrium, throughout the five days from 7 to 11pm daily and is open to public viewing. Featuring MrB, Eeshuan, Brick, AnnGee and Mindflyer. Thanks to Sokkuan for passing us this job. Thanks to Karl ( agency: Publicis ) for selecting us! :)

Will post links to the movies once we get it. You must see the real thing- these stills don't do it justice. Short clip is here.
See comments section for synopsis.


mindflyer 小飞人 said...



This piece is Illustratres a childhood fantasy of mine. Improvements in gaming as progress by leaps and bounds. Virtual simulation has come to a point where we can no longer tell the difference between reality and virtual reality.

Gaming in the future has been recognized as a world wide sport like soccer. There will be worldwide telecast of the matches and gamers would be treated like pop stars and looking good is part of the job.

Hence, the battle scene in the metropolis.


Hear the future
With pulsating rudiments and energetic waves, Brick wishes to direct the audience into the future of soundscape where every layer of music could be seen, touch, explore and customise. In the end the fusion of all is an exploding expression of uber crisp resonance experience. The future invites interactivity between the user and music, welcoming them into a world where they can fiddle with the tonal quality and fine-tune every detail for optimum pleasure. The use of many expression lines, musical elements, and holographic ingredients help to push brick's idea across. Start playing!


Futura-Psychedelica responds to the concept of 'future', through an experimental and abstract animation, using an explosive array of colors, lines, form and movement. The animation, entirely improvised in the computer, pays tribute to contemporary aesthetics of graffiti, pop art and expressionism in unbridled and uninhibited fashion, form and fun - in the same vein as the work of pop artists Keith Haring, Len Lye and Rostarr. Like the artwork, the artist thinks the future will be unpredictable, colorful, and completely free.


Speech and vision is the foundation for most of the transmission of information. If one could merge sound and visuals into a tangible entity, how would it look like? The inspiration for the illustration stems from the possible changes in the form of communication through technological progress.


"I see the future bright, spacey and full of floating smiley cities-
This is mindflyer's full frontal blitzkrieg assault on all the usual bleak grey apocalyptic vision of the future. Its all in the mind and in our hands- we can paint a brighter tomorrow now."

zeropointfive said...

Wa piang, like M.A.S.K, OIC members activated for mission together!

"O.I.C Computer, give me the OIC agents best suited for this mission!"

(Computer Voice): Recommend MRB - expert in gaming and scoring women...
Vehicle code name: Nekkid Chix

...etc. lol

Well done everyone! I can recognize everyone's individual style even before i read the names! :D said...

these are awesome! and VERY interesting to read the synopsis!

Don Low said...


ken lee said...

wow! great stuff!

sokkuan said...

wow! and all these were churned out within a super tight timeline! welldone! (' u ')