Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ramblings on the train and maybe a lil more.

hi, my name is celeste. Michael and Andrew urged me to get out of my rabbit hole.. and here i am, my first entry on this blog after being a member for so long.

Ramblings on the train is a collection of my daily thoughts done pictorially on the way to work. I just had to find my own space and time to indulge a lil in my own ramblings. Clocking long hours for a fulltime gig just makes doodling sessions really precious to me.

You can find more of my sketches, paintings and random drawings at
And to see the world thru my eyes.


Art Addict 2007 said...

Your characters are very cool! Keep on going. said...

Hi Celeste,

this is my first comment here and I sure am glad Michael and Andrew kept bugging you! I love the work you've posted. The characters are very endearing. Very nice and inspiring!

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Thx Celeste!! See? not so hard after all! :D

Now pls draw Kristal out of the rabbit hole too! :D

Good that u have a unique look/ voice :) keep pushing the envelope and try as many different things as you can!

Hope to see u participate in the events we have planned tht will be coming very soon!

F L E E said...

hey! its all you!!
welcome back!
Love your pixs and love these doodles!
Keep them comin'!!

celesteanning said...

thank you very much people! :) your kind comments encourage me...

Let's hope i'll stay away from THAT rabbit hole!

till then!