Monday, August 13, 2007

Carl's Jr

Carl's Jr Advertising
A project i did through an Ad Agency
for Carl's Jr.Kinda challenging
cos we had to shoot through the rain.
Art: OneTwoDelta
Tags & Throw ups: TheKillerGerbil


drewscape said...

The art is great! like the mambo colours. really painted on the wall itself or digitally added in? the concept doesn't seem to gel with a burger joint so well tho. but nice art!

sheryo a. said...

very nice work wak!!!
painted on with paints is it?

OneTwoDelta said...

Drew, i totally agree with you about the concept...the creative process was kinda stiff.
We cant paint it on the wall so i had to paint it on a thin Forex board and attach it to the wall to shoot.Sort of like a portable mural.
Thanks for the encouragement guys, appreciate it.Cheers!

Billy said...

I think it's a rather out-of-the-box idea. Very thought inspiring. Cool art!

pins said...

i was at carl's junior that day!!!
i saw it!!!