Saturday, August 11, 2007

there is always a leader from the great black hunters

i was doin a repaint of an old sketch
trying to salvage it from the dumps one night.
and thankfully had some guidance and butt kicking from a friend.

and as i was doing so my friend did a repaint of what i sent him for a crit.
so i would like to use this opportunity to introduce this friend of mine
who happen to be one hell of a great mehhhster
drum roll for the kaiman.if you dont already know.
it's his birthday 3 days ago so do wish him a happy belated if you see him.

and a great honour for me that he did a repaint on my version.
looks different. looks wicked. looks better!
(in a brief moment of 3 hours
when i was still figuring out how to light a cube!)
great black hunter.

n here's where you could see my old sketches of the predator idea.


Don Low said...

I have not been doing fantasy stuff for a long long while now.... great to see this post here. Keep going!

F L E E said...

Howdy pins!
Good to see you back in action again! And was really glad you drop by at the OIC Portrait Day. There is definitely improvement in your work. In fact i saw a couple of portraits that you did during the event, and i thought you did rather good. Just that those practices could be bought to your work like this. Take your time and learn the basic and enjoy the process, cos it good to draw your own thing.

Cos there's only gonna be one Liefeld, Wood, Jean and Foster,Hale, etc....

pins said...

thanks don & lee jie jie
for your encouragement and support!
i'll strive to do better! promise!!!
meanwhile i'm enjoying the basics.

there's gonna be more jon foster, justin sweet, craig mullins, ashley wood
, la la...

pins said...

and yeah i forgot phil hale , jeremy geddes
& rick berry!

thumbs up!