Friday, August 17, 2007

goodbye america

"they killed him cos he sold out,
he sold out cos they killed him."

to captain america.


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Yo Pins,

You preserverance is infectious :) keep pushing !!

If I know what u are trying to achieve, I think the arms & abs looks "problematic".... and also the harness & props needs some clearer definition.

But being the warped me.....I love this drawing in a "skewed" manner.
1. Love the pose and composition
2. Love the weird "lumps" on the arms and abs.

Would like to do a version where I go hog-wild with some more distortion.

zeropointfive said...

Yea i know what mindflyer's getting at too. Rendering is not great, just good. (there are parts of the brush that look too thick and rounded like the highlights on the main rear bag?) Problem is proportion and anatomy need just a little more tweaking cuz arms, slant of pose and thighs seem off.

I think the choice of pose and great cropping which captures the mood are great ;)

F L E E said...

Thats what i'm talking about!
Improvement! Good good.
There's a BIG improvement on the form and texture separation.
Trust me he'll(Captain America) be back...cos i think there's something dubious bout his death. But I kinda like the cover though,its one of those milestone cover every comic collector will buy 2 copies.

Soul Twister dot com said...

i love fan art and re-interpretation!

captain american a bit slender for me but i like this one a lot on the whole.

can do a dare-devil one?

BENJAMIN said...

Good work man! Keep it up. Rember, basic forms first and try to visualize the contour lines of the body parts so that u get a better idea of whats closer and what further from the eye. : )

drewscape said...

nice composition and colours. keep observing more human anatomy!

pins said...

hi guys!

thanks so much for yr valuable comments n crits!
i'll keep pushing!
will watch out for all these for my next 1.
also thanks for highlighting the anatomy and proportions issue... dealing with it...
: P
and yes sean gor hopefully with given free time i'll do one daredevil dedicated to you!
thanks mr b and everyone!!!

will keep sketching!!!