Sunday, August 19, 2007

TinTin Fanart

Celebrating 25 years of TinTin. Fanart done for SDCC07 Souvenir Book. Done in PS. Enjoyed this piece alot, its not the usual style I'm used to be doing. Hope u guys dig it~

Tin Tin © Herge


F L E E said...

I love TinTin.
Your TinTin(and Snowy) has a nose bridge! I think you could do a colour version one. And it'll look great!

Went to visit TinTin and the Comic Museum 2 years ago. It's really amazing. So its Happy Birthday to TinTin (and Snowy,Thompson Twins,Captain Haddock and my fav, Calculus!)

pins said...

tin tin!!!
v cool mr b!

Mr.B said...

flee- lucky u ah! Can travel. : )
pins - thks man!