Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I am Roger aka sonboss , new here.
Currently a student and a freelance designer. My website


girlgotdablues said...

Interesting piece, almost hauntingly beautiful. ;-)

kuanth said...

nice folios!

Sonnybunni said...

interesting stuff!... is this digitally done? and how so? :p

rogertan said...

Thanks for the peeps that show interest in my work.

sonnybunni: The work is done using photoshop and illustrator.

If u are asking how i get the color flowing abstract merge nicely into the body. The key is using photoshop "clipping mask" and masking. The abstract vector is done using illustrator and use photoshop filter function liqufy to make it more random.

that all for backend work .

Don Low said...

Cool stuff!!