Tuesday, August 28, 2007

dark & stormy knight

"and everywhere the dark knight went
his bats were sure to go."

another repaint.
my last.
i was talking abt this piece with my friend over msn
and managed to grab a pretty cool screen shot.
if you notice at the bottom it has tt msn pop up text which
reads "can't fight passion, man."
we were talking abt how cliche the word passion was
being cynical and said that well the word "passion"
only belonged to delusssional first year design/art students.
the real world isnt as pretty as we dreamt tits to be.

well maybe i'm still that first yr student (the work clearly shows...snigger...)
perhaps buying that lamboreghini or super model might have to wait.
right now passion drives us to greater heights
even when there are disappointments in life.

so push on my friends!
keep sketching dont give up!


Soul Twister dot com said...

nice encouragement there, bro!

zeropointfive said...

LOL Yes passion is cliche heh.. except when it becomes love (for what you do)

fight on man!