Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hello OIC!

Hey guys! Great to be part of OIC! Much thks to Mindflyer for the invite. I'm Mr.B (full time illustrator) and here's some of my stuff painted over the last few months. Both painted in PS. : )

For more stuff pls visit my art blog: Mr B's Arty Party



kuanth said...

like your Rockstar on your blog.the background is superb.

OneTwoDelta said...

Hey hey, watsup Ben. I'll see ard bro!
U Have a blast!

F L E E said...

Oi Mr B!
Good to see you here!
I'll ask Mr Kai to join the blog too lah!
Next time must hang out more at Victor's DimSum–Sunshine Plaza lah!
Post more and dare dare comment.
Welcome welcome.

BENJAMIN said...

Thks kuanth!
Yo Wak, seeya arnd man.
Oi Flee! Yea man, missing the carrot cake and ha gao...yum!
Great to be here!

drewscape said...

welcome Mr. B. I like your work. Must be an Ashley Wood fan!

ANTZ said...

talented lah bro~