Tuesday, August 07, 2007


hello everyone ;)

my name is adeline and i'm happy to be here,
nice place with all kinds of colours.

feels like a dream

thanks, micheal, for the invite


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Hey- did u remove that drawing??
Pls put it back.
Its a nice drawing :)

adeline said...


um, ok it's back now :)

drewscape said...

welcome. your pic is very likeable.

kuanth said...

i like your animation in your site. well done.

Don Low said...

Really nice. I like that quiet, quaint feel to your drawing. A lot like the Taiwanese artist named Jimmy.

*manda said...

soooo pretty
i like it so.

F L E E said...

Hahahaha.. Please wait... please wait...(on your website>. Extremely likeable site you have there, full of life. Try expanding the two major characters you created on your website, they are filled with potential.
Welcome to the blog!