Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I'm Twisstii, and have been lurking under the rocks and secretly checking out OIC for some time. It's very nice to have a blog for all illustrators to unite as one and give generous comments to each other's work. I am still an amateur to all this, and am glad to be part of the club :D


andyyang said...

WE WARMLY WELCOME YOU to the club. Feel free to post your work. Keep drawing and don't give up.

F L E E said...

Is it because i put all your tshirts and gifts for ransom? (joking lah)But yah lah, now you'll have to climb out of your rock for the 29th Dec OIC gathering liao!

zeropointfive said...

Welcome :D

I'm new myself here heh and yeah, OIC rocks! lol

nice Lion!