Sunday, November 05, 2006

Rhodia No.12 project exhibition (PIXELMUNKY)

Here's my FINAL submission at Books Actually : )


F L E E said...

Thats it!
We should speak to the people in charge of Rhodia and launch a O.I.C limited Edition series!
Great work guys!

zeropointfive said...

YAY, it's finished! Looks great! Much more complete then when last i saw it!

Man i wished i heard of this earlier heh :)

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Yes Lee- I would love to see an O.I.C limited Edition series!

As usual- there are limited slots and the organiser wanted more variety and people/ styles :(

When I 1st heard of it- I talked to Kenny and gave him a list of people - esp the younger illustrators and those that I thot were not so busy and would be keen to take part.
I was disaappointed when Sheryo and Celeste were not invited - I even offered to give up my slot for one of them. ( I was glad that Pixelmunky, Kuanth and Drewscape were in :) )
But ultimately- the organiser have the final say and I understand that he has a very limited budget.

You must go look see- total 4o+ entries and some still on transit from overseas.
Drewscape made a funky creature!! ( I will try to take a picture tomorrow)

I will post news if I hear of any more such events!!

eeshaun said...

so nice! anyway, i took some pictures! i'll try to post it up soon!

F L E E said...

Let me know when the exhibition starts ok?
Thank you Mindflyer for the insight. Yes, i agree, introducing new blood is always good. You guys make me want to participate even more! *throws envious look*

O.I.C folks - this weekend i'll be putting more names into the feel free to email me more people(contacts) for the blog and lets make things happen!

sheryo a. said...

this project is such an interesting one! will definitely pop by to take a look! hehe.. we can all go together!