Friday, November 17, 2006

should we do an online exhibition here?

2007 is around the corner, why not we go and select 1 piece of our work that we love the most within 2006 ,and do an online exhibition here. how does that sound?


F L E E said...

"Of cos i'm in !! See, the whole point of this OIC gathering could result to doing something more for ourselves... We could aim to publish a coffee table book in June, or a joint exhibition next year, these are all very feasible plans...i think we will discuss these at the next OIC meeting..." This is Flee reporting from OIC live. Over to you Mike of Mindflyer (pass microphone)

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

wah Fleee so drama one!! kekekkeke :)
I think to just do it on the web is a "waste" of good stuff ( jus my 2 cts hor- dont flame me ;) ).
Having a real exhibition will be good.

But once we have done the show- replicating it on the web is fine.

But with so many creative and good people involved- we must set aside egos and work together for the "common" good :)

Let's discuss when we meet.

zeropointfive said...

we could either choose existing works from our portfolios (meaning the exhibition has generic all-emcompassing theme) or choose a specific common theme and each of us take time off to do it in our own distinctive styles?

(just eg. generic - "imagination"
specific - "robots" or "love" etc.

I'm more for new works tho not everyone has time! maybe those who dun hav time can choose to take an existing work that fits into the theme, and those who do have time work on something new?

didja see the 20/20 exhibition at national library? presentation was cool heh

ari said...

Online or offline exhibition (or both) for the closing of 2006 sounds like a good idea. I'm in!