Sunday, November 26, 2006


Seems like I'm the only illustrator who's free this time of the year...(skips around empty blog room)
So I decided to post some of my old sketches from my sketchbook.
All sketches were done with ball point pen. Notice the bunny sticker? I was trying out my black opaque marker, and the darn thing leaked onto the area, and so I decided to cover that spot up by using my white opaque paint marker (hmm.. how smart!).

And guess what? The white paint got splattered all over because I shook the marker too hard. (somehow this sound familiar, I think it actually happened to one OIC member) So, yes, it became worse, and in case of emergency, I whipped out my trusty DIY sticker and taa-daah! Problem solved! (well..kind of)

So yes, if you can give some comments (the good, the bad, and the ugly hahaha) I'll really appreciate them. Be brutal if you have to....(shudder)


andyyang said...

waaa.sister, u don't need to sleep ah? about your latest posting. no need brutal commentlah because it's your personal style. it's unique to you and we have to respect that. :-)

eeshaun said...

i just wish i could draw like that. and the bunny reminds me of alice in wonderland. it's cool!

Soul Twister dot com said...

the black botch looks deliberate! stages the bunny nicely. accidents can be so nice sometimes.

F L E E said...

Thank you leh! Very nice comments! Good for my ego lah you all...

AndyYang- Sleep? Whats that ah bro? Haha. I actually thought this blog was a fantastic idea that fellow illustrator could give comments. As the blog's getting the expected traffic, i suggest we could encourage more comments on a professional point of view besides the usual praises. Don't you think so? Its always good to improve.

Eeshaun- Anyone can draw lah...its just constantly practice, practice and more practice.

STDC- Aiyah, me try to be smart to cover the black ink blot. Went over the same spot with marker and the mistake spot got bigger...(d'oh!)

sokkuan said...

ok i give honest comment!
i notice sometimes u have minor proportion problem in some of your work. ;-p
if tat's taken care, they look perfect!

F L E E said...

(takes pencil from behind ear and take down notes) Yeah man! This is what i'm talkin' about! thanks Sokkuan you kept your promise! (heehee..) .
Ok me will work on it! Thank you ah!

zeropointfive said...

Yes i've noticed most of the comments are praises :)

but u know what? Not to sound egoistical or condescending for us in any way, but most of us who've join this blog have somewhat reached a "jedi-knight" status already and not to say there isn't room for improvement, but our styles are often so individually unique that sometimes it isn't fair (or even necessary!) to offer criticisms unless it's asked heh.

We're not masters, but most of us know what we're doing even when we're not so sure! OIC isn't the best in the world but we're not amateurs either so understandably, critical comments are less, and also due to mutual respect for each other's personal style :D

I love your sketchbook page! everything seems to fall into place! I know the sticker wasn't deliberate haha but i guess most illustrators never knwo 100% what they're gonna end up with when they start drawing!

sei-ji rakugaki said...

strong pencil lines in your sketch, and adding the sticker gave it a good idiosyncratic feel.
did u sketch this based on references or otherwise?And i agree with the part that this blog should offer more constructive criticisms for each member to improve, cos often a fresh pair of eyes can help a lot.

twisstii said...

you are the only person i know that has a bed just for the sake of it. haha

umm, guess i told you before, the hand of the bunny girl on the swing is kinda weird :D

drewscape said...

Its a sketchbook page. So it's supposed to have warts and splatters(haha) and all, together with the really nice stuff. Just like real life. Honest and uncensored. That's the beauty of it.

Based on that view, this is a great example of a sketchbook page. Looks like you had that wadever goes attitude and and still managed to balance the whole pic nicely. I like it! Its a great way to improve confidence in drawing and stumble across new styles.

F L E E said...

Drewscape- Wah! your comment got depth. Must read again then i understand.hahah! yes... Anything/whatever goes.

Twisstii- WELCOME!! When are you going to post? (laughs)Argh... you know too much, you're banned from my house!

Sei-ji Rakugaki- Well, most of the time i draw whatever i can find around me...with or without reference.(Heck! I'll draw anything!)

zeropointfive- Heh heh.
Anything goes in my sketchbook.
I think the OIC peeps are those of professional level, so its not exactly like criticism, but more of a suggestion. And yes, we do have our own strong sense of style. For me, i'll love people to tell me the good and (perhaps) the bad point that i missed out. So yeah, that'll make me want to work eagerly to better myself.