Saturday, November 18, 2006


Kuanth's Playmates series kinda reminds me of this illustration series I did for the Human? book by Fontmonster a while back. They had some publishing issues, so the book isn't out yet.

The idea for "Self" is about stereotypes of styles. As humans, everyone has the perfect "Self" image in mind. Wouldn't it be great if you could just buy one that you like and use (or flaunt) it instantly? Perhaps even mix and match different "Self"s to satisfy your need -- if you've got enough $$. This one is the Rockstar "Self". There's a Policeman, Pop Diva, Soccer Mom, Dot Com Yuppie, and Swimsuit Model "Self". All based on loosely translated stereotypes found in NYC.


zeropointfive said...

Haha.. cute! and pretty well designed! I'm always a fan of the toy concept :)

eeshaun said...

ari this is really awesome. it looks like the wedding card piece you did for a friend (if i remember it correct!) ...really cool stuff!