Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"i miss you"

i figured that the loneliest guy
in the world would be an astronaut.
he has just visited planet "paddle-pop"
thus the color of his astronaut costume...
besides it looks almost like a slightly more cheerful
prison outfit u noe, black and white stripes...
like he's imprisoned in space.

dedicated to all the people we miss.


F L E E said...

aww man...
that sound so bleak!
Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!
but look at it this way... he got to see the earth like no one else...he got the best view!
Aside from that, cant help to notice the high lights you put on his lips...good call.

drewscape said...

Well done pins! The mix of colours instead of just blue tones for the suit works pretty well here. The happy thought here is that he had so much fun on paddlepop that he misses it so much. Ok that's still sad. oh darn.

goodHyde said...

aww... so touching...!
Love the work.

pins said...

thanks guys for the lovely comments!
i'll work hard.
btw amended the lens flare thingy
cos it looks artificial.
and hehe lips highlight!