Monday, November 19, 2007

3 thrones and a shower or things that you can do in the toilet

Hi everyone.

Did this for a figure drawing assessment project. Somehow I've always found the toilet to be one of the best spots for inspiration. Therefore, I would like to dedicate this piece to all the great and wonderful "thrones" around the world, and also to all who have had a surge of ideas whilst at the loo.

Reasons for the skeleton and muscle guy is coz we've been practicing on human anatomy and this is just for showing my still basic understanding of bones and musculature. Plus they look really cute, no? (Muscle man was originally supposed to have a speech bubble shouting: "Oi! Quit the fags!")

Media used: -Willow charcoal
-Drawing pencil "terracotta"
-2B and 3B pencils, and not to forget the invaluable rule and eraser!

Sadly, forgot what paper it's called...


drewscape said...

concept is interesting. but I think you cld have applied the highlights and shadows more carefully. It's applied too loosely at the moment.

sei-ji rakugaki said...

Mmm.. I think you probably need to work on a bit on the figure and understand the anatomy better.might be a good to be less ambitious and focus on the basic first.. like the figure standing at rest, than doing something complicated like the man sitting on the toilet bowl.. that calls for a great understanding of the human anatomy, i feel. I guess it depends on your figure drawing assessment project and what you hope to achieve out of it..mere idea or a better comprehension and understanding of the complex human body and anatomy;)keep on drawing

zeropointfive said...

I don't think every illustration needs to be too perfect and technical comments aside, i like that you're venturing into more conceptual attempts :) not every illustration is about just looking pretty heh. Concept is still raw but got potential i say.

Tech-wise tho, shades and colours could be tad stronger and bolder.

F L E E said...

Ok. here's the deal...
your concept could be a pretty interesting one. Of cos i agree to a certain extend to all the comments above. The concept is good, the problem here is the execution.
Firstly, if you want to feature a elevation (frontal) view, somehow the way you drew the ceiling in away its too much askew that it distorted the perspective and that might just trap your self in a rather unpleasing aesthetics.

Secondly,after you had determined a certain style that you want to work on. Try to study or do some lighting planning before you give it colour.
Don't just use a white pencil and draw, it should be consciously work as highlight medium to enhance the contrast hence defining the drama in all character. After all lighting is the one of the main essence for intensity.

Lastly, the composition you are attempting is a challenging, if not a difficult one. It is not stated on the post how much time you were given to complete this assignment. There's some issue that have to be really looked into. Proportion and Anatomy for example.
Items like the skeleton's holding, instead of trying to capture the details of the paper, one have to be aware that sometimes less is more, now the newspaper looks like it has a cloth-like material.

There is a very thin line between erotica and porno.The difference is its attention to subject details and its artistic value. Do make a effort to make aesthetics (flow of lines,composition, poses of character etc..) in all your drawings. And in time, it will come naturally.

The reason that this blog exist, is to spurn fellow illustrators to improve one another and also keep everyone informed. We have to take into account all the comments/posts made in the a reflection of one's skill, character and dedication.

I believed most of the illustrators here offer their utmost honest comments. And its good that they actually take time out from their busy schedule to comment. We are all here for the same reason the love to create and illustrates.

I hope in this way, we will help each other improve. So on that note keep drawing and keep practicing.

Billy said...

Hi guys. Thanks for the advice and encouragement. Still got a long way to go.

But first, must apologize for such a late reply. Assessment period is on and though it's no excuse, I'm really sorry for the lateness.

Thanks Drew and 0.5, for the advice and encouragement! 0.5 really made my day...

For Sei-ji, thanks for the advice. I never thought that the seated figure was far more difficult than the standing. But after contemplating your words, I can see why. The figure bends when seated, and the fats are distributed elsewhere during that position. Will definitely read up on this once assessment is over.

And finally for FLEE, don't know how to thank you for your words, but uhm, thanks.

The "ceiling" was actually the wall. I guess it was poorly done such that it looked like a ceiling instead.

I used the composition because I felt it was the most interesting way to juxtapose the characters and present the story. But I will try to find out how else I can improve the piece.

I hope I did not offend with the sexual content of it. I had asked a couple of peers and whilst they jokingly called it porno, they regarded it as erotica. So again, apologize if it was offensive.

I am indeed grateful for all the comments and for the fact that I am even allowed to be in a group of many far more accomplished artists and illustrators. I know I have not been doing enough to reach such a standard but I will do my best.

Once again, thank you for all your comments and apologize for writing in so late. Keeping on drawing...

Billy said...

I forgot to mention, it was done in 6 hours. We had about a week to plan, but I ended up doing it the day before submssion. Mainly coz I spent too much time on the other subjects.

But I am still proud of it, and love it to bits.

andyyang said...

hello hello, your final comment clearly defines why you are still in school. you will know later when you graduate. go through Flee's comments again if you want to get serious with anatomy and concept. it's a harsh world out there.

krissie said...


i bet smoking guy would prefer cubicle no.1. they must be making lotsa noise.


krissie said...

its weird u must be a member to comment.. anyway i am commenting on behalf of one Serene Labia :

Hi Billy, when I came across your piece I must admit I felt a burning in my loins. The position and facial expressions of the couple really stirred my soup. Thank you.

One Serene Labia xoxo

mindflyer 小飞人 said...


Tht is to make sure our blog is not filled to the hilt with XXX spam.

Btw- is "One Serene Labia" hot? LOL
tht name is either killa or a "sHim"!!! LOL :D

krissie said...

yas. she hot like hot sauce baby.

adeline said...

i've seen that serene. yummy yummy

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Oh- I m sooooo in da mood to draw now !! LOL

Adeline- u know what to do.... :D

Billy said...

Thanks Krissie!

Ya. Who's Serene Labia? Ang Moh isit?

Anyway, say thanks for me. Your comment stirred my soup too. :p

drewscape said...

billy you are so popular now!

Billy said...

Thank you...:p