Saturday, November 10, 2007

Percieved Flight of the BirdDog

Was invited by Xtra Design via Kelley Cheng ( ISH magazine ) to mod a Magis MeeToo puppy for a charity auction. Really had fun with it inspite of this happening when i was busy with work and prepping for the coming show. Thanks to Fei for assistance, AndyYang for showing me how cool modelling paste can be and my daughter Abi who made the papier mache nose cone!

Some more pixs here


AG said...

too cute!!!
*runs off with it*

drewscape said...

very cool chairman! pls show me how it is done too.

adeline said...


F L E E said...

Nice nice.
Good call on using different texture/media to to this project. Well done...
By the way, did you make the propeller?

sokkuan said...

wah.... drool... very cute ne! i tot this is gonna be one of your exhibition work. do more and sell! sure very popular ah!

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

thx all for the kind comments.

1. Drew----Yes- I hope to do a breakdown list of how we improvise and assemble this puppy.
2. Flee-----The propeller is a hybrid- the original salvaged part was too skinny and looked too fty made. We thicken and thrash it to make it look hand made.
3. sokkuan---- kekekekeke I wish i can make more of this ah!! The exhibtion stuff is another look!! Hope can surprise you!! ;)