Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Lady Riding Hat

I suppose this can be considered a sequal to The Pillbox Hat Girl. Comes in a set of 3, last one coming right up. ;)

On an unrelated note, I've uploaded the Tekkon Kinkreet OST ( REMOVED BY ADMIN- COPYRIGHT LAH ) I think the link will only last a couple of days, so go get it while you can. I thought Paprika was already amazing, but Tk totally blew me away.


mindflyer 小飞人 said...


Thx for posting- in general l like your quirky hat girls and I m glad you have fun with it.

I think you can explore the quality of the line more. Especially the thicker lines ( I do not know if its because the jpg is small and I can't make out the finer details...).
Somehow the thicker lines lack something and pulls the pix down - esp in "PillboxGirl_BS.jpg". This new one is better maybe becos there are less of it.

Pay attention to the lines- put more magic in it.

HTH. Keep it up. :)

And errrrr----- I have to remove the OST link gal. Not nice to post it like that.

Bitterjo said...

Ah, ok. Sorry abt posting the link.

Thanks for the guidance, I'll jia you with the line drawing~ ;)

kuanth said...

i like this piece, but since you want something quirky, you can even have more dramatic color also.:)

post more.