Thursday, November 15, 2007

your playmates

we know you are naughty!! we know you want some hot fun!!
we are here to fulfill your inner desire! we are your playmates!!
did them around 4 years back, still wish to produce them into real dolls, anyone knows any toy maker?? let them fulfill your desire!!!hahahaha


Cash said...

ZOMG!!! Rebecca is the bomb! She's great! Hair is always sign of a REAL woman!

And if you do get any contacts for toy makers (plush type) lemme know. Looking to see who can build some toys for a game just finished.

If you want to make 12 inch resin-casted figurines, XENOMORPH at Bras Basah Complex 3rd floor makes really good ones. But at USD2k for a prototype, it's not for those with tight wallets.

ps - Do I get points for first post?

AG said...

ahahahahahaahaha!!!!! fusion is good. XD

zeropointfive said...

nanako's hot, but her dildo is too small, my a** can take bigger...

kuanth said...

walao zeropointfive, for her size its's giant for her la.

cash--er... Rebecca is a she-male.:P

Soul Twister dot com said...

so cute!