Thursday, November 15, 2007

krabi, thailand

just been to krabi, thailand for a company retreat... here are some sketches I did...


drewscape said...

very cool. i like this journalistic style of illustration. only how did you draw the motorbike at that angle. you were standing there the whole time? and you used the japanese waterbrush?

kuanth said...

cant imagine u actually brought all the tools there even for holiday! salute!

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Sieji got passion lor!!

Nice- hope to see more OIC people come back from holiday n post sketches like this.

I always bring my drawing kit but end up taking more photos!! Must learn from Seiji :D

Mayb Seiji - can share with us what he brings on such trips.

Mine will probably be a Canson water colour 12pc crayon set / water brush and a good pen and pencil and my Lamy.

AG said...

veh nice!!! i love the spontaneous strokes and the palette of colours you've chosen. very beach-y and relaxing. XD

esp the first picture of the bike.

i like taking photos while travelling. faster! ^^;; but maybe i should change to sketching instead. hehe.

Billy said...

Wow. I really like them. Especially the scooter and the boats.

Just wondering, do you use watercolour palettes or tubes? If palettes, how do you keep them clean?

sei-ji rakugaki said...

hi all , tks for the kind words.

mindflyer>>>i just bring along a small portable watercolor palette, my watercolor brush and a small notebook, that is good enough to take in the light;)

Billy>>hi, i used watercolor palettes as i am too lazy to squeeze them out from tubes and when doing travel sketch, i guess convenience counts ;)