Monday, November 12, 2007

random doodle 12 nov

random doodle 12 nov
Originally uploaded by whitedogbobby (WDB)


F L E E said...

self portrait i suppose?
(snigger snigger)

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

err.... nice tittes??!! :D

(snigger subsided...)
I ilke the colour choice
I ilke the hair detail
I ilke the position and placement of the hands- how it points down and form a V
but I m not sure about treating the hands as a whole blob. I thot the hand should be drawn "whole" to balance the detail of the hair somewhat.

Maybe we shld have a OIC selfportrait series!!

drewscape said...

nice change from doggies and wabbits. i like the fringe. makes the drawing more special.

Bobby, lamenting white dog said...

hee hee hee ok sir mindflyer i will work on the hands.

Bobby, lamenting white dog said...

fingers added : )