Wednesday, November 28, 2007

facebook is scary.

hi, my name is ag. i'm addicted to facebook.

first try

second try

third try, paid more attention to the tone thing that drewscape is talking about + line color. not very good at portraying the feeling of depth though, strawberry looks like it's stuck on his face. :/ (help?)

fourth attempt. everything starts going haywire. @_@

it's amazing that i have photoshop, and i never explored how to use the functions/colors properly. but this graffiti wall thing can hook me into drawing and experimenting with colors. so fun!!!

drawn with tablet + superwall!

okay. off to poke somebody and throw some sheep. :P


Billy said...

Hi Ag. Love your colours.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Wow!!! Cool sh1t!!

Didn't explore SuperWall- but looks like I have to now!!

Love the crazy lines & pin eye boy with cap.
Interesting technique.
They should ban SuperPoke though.

Soul Twister dot com said...

i like the first one and the last one! i foud those two to be full of feelings, somehow.

ken lee said...

love them all!
love the loose line.
the strawberry one crazy cute!!

so many thing in face book i hardly try...

drewscape said...

dont poke me or throw sheep. waste my time! like your colours. i see tekkon influences especially for the lips.

AG said...

thanks for the comments!

still experimenting with the colors, not very good at the moment with them. @_@

mindflyer: yeah! still got stamps in superwall. although i wish they'd add better looking stamps. wahaha.

ken: too many applications in facebook!

drewscape: yeah, was trying for a looser/colored line look. ^^ after watching tekkon.